After a long journey, we’re finally announcing the end of our SmartReports.

We wanted to thank everyone who participated for making the SmartReports beta such a tremendous success. We’ve learned a lot and we’re excited to head back to the lab so that we can make the SmartReporting experience even better.

Unfortunately, as we design SmartReports 2.0, we will not be able to continue support for our beta users. SmartReports goes offline on November 15th. Please submit any SmartReports that you would like processed before this date and we will take care of them for you. If you’ve enjoyed your expense reporting experience, we hope you'll consider getting your company on expense reports that don’t suck!

While you won't be able to use Expensify to automatically fill out your company expense template, you're welcome to explore Expensify's paid features and plans. Learn more about them here.

Please visit our Community Forum thread on SmartReports here if you have any questions or comments.