API Overview

Please note that the Expensify API is not accepting new applications at this time. Enterprise customers looking to integrate with Expensify should visit the Integration Server documentation.

This is an overview of all Expensify services that you can choose to integrate with. Some may apply to you, while others may not, so this overview document is a good place to start to determine which other documents you should read.

Types of Integrations

  1. Enterprise Import/Export API

    Our Enterprise Import/Export API, powered by the Integration Server, provides large-scale customers with account provisioning, updating, importing, and exporting.

  2. Whitelabel API

    If you'd like to do as little work as possible to add Expensify to your site, you might want to try the Whitelabel API. It's as simple as including a few lines of code onto your HTML page, and you'll have a skinned version of Expensify running directly within an IFRAME on your page. To read more about this, check out the Whitelabel documentation.

  3. Web Services API

    If you'd like to seamlessly integrate your application with our backend, you might want to try the Web Services API. It allows you to make calls with the language of your choice to our servers to pull data, as well as post data to us. This way, your new or existing application can leverage the power of Expensify's backend while using your own custom frontend to display the data to the user.

All integrations use a common single-signon (SSO) authentication framework.